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Welcome to teesmesite.com Hopefully you will get to know us a little better in this competitive world  for your business. 

 A little about us, we are a Service, & a Provider of Custom Prints and T'shirts , Artwork Creation,Digital shirt samples, and proper Invoicing reflecting inexpensive prints.

We have a online catalog with shirts and there pricing . We Screenprint for Family Reunions, Bands,Events,Local Business,churches and more for all different occasions & for all kinds of events.
We also generously welcome subcontract work and provide prompt service.

Although we are not the most glamorous, well funded or biggest Shop in town,We do play a good game and do all that we can to focus on what's important to us and our clientm and that's Service, Time, Cost, & Quality.

We are well caspable of handling Big orders or small orders with no problems While providing great service, fast turnaround time, low Cost, & Perfect Prints.  Our shop is much like other shops here in town in similarity's of  Computers,Rotary printing presses and exposure units and such with the only know difference is size of shop and there establishment.

Although we are not as established as some of the other shops here in town , We  really believe we offer our Customers a little bit more in reference to our Website,cost, dedication and service. and as a Finishing up outro text I would like to thank you so much for your intrest and a lot more for your business. I hope you Enjoy our site and our T'shirt Printing.

















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